Why is my Electric Furnace Blowing Cold Air.

Did you know fixing or repairing an electric furnace can cost between $150 and $1200? Well, this is according to a 2024 Forbes article detailing the need to regularly maintain your appliance. Given these high costs, you must understand why your electric furnace is blowing cold air.

After all, imagine coming to your house and finding out that the electric furnace is blowing cold air. It can be frustrating and uncomfortable, especially with the freezing temperatures clawing at your skin.

This article explores various reasons why your electric furnace is blowing cold air. We hope these insights will provide reasons why you can cough up hundreds of dollars to fix it!

Electric furnaces are quite popular in American homes since they provide the comfort you need amidst the cold creeping into your house.

They ensure that your house’s heating system is secure, working efficiently and allowing you to snuggle with your family as you watch some television series or have a hearty discussion about how your dog is performing new tricks to get those tasty treats.

Usually, the problems in electric furnaces stem from various issues. They may be as minor as mis adjustments to your thermostat or as complex as mechanical failures.

Therefore, before you run your credit card to pay the maintenance crew, you need to know why your electric furnace is emitting cold air.

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Get to Know Your Electric Furnace.

As the earth’s climate continues to fluctuate, owning an electric furnace can be your best financial decision. You will provide a warm and safe haven for yourself and your family. With a framework of metal-based heating parts, the electric furnace does its job when electricity runs through it.

The metal coils generate heat after they become hot and transfer it to the air revolving in the electric furnace. Since hot air rises and displaces cold air, it forms air currents that run through your house, making it warm.

With its electrical contraption, the temperature in your house is easily adjusted once you touch the thermostat. If the temperature is below the threshold you have set, then the machine generates heat. The process occurs in stages, which is good for energy consumption and saving features.

As its metal coils are heated, the appliance’s blower motor is turned on and sucks in cold air, which is heated and then rotated back to the house.

Why Your Electric Furnace is Blowing Cold Air.

The first reason why your electric furnace is blowing cold air is because it has thermostat problems. This is the most obvious problem; you should check whether you have set the correct settings before using it.

Other times, the battery may have expired, or the technology used in your thermostat may not be up to standard. Therefore, it is wise to check whether the thermostat has been set to “heat”; if not, change it.

You could consider upgrading the device to a new model with the latest technology or switching out the batteries.

The second reason your electric furnace blows cold air is that your house’s circuit breaks, and the power supply have malfunctioned. Given their reliance on electricity, this could be a common problem in your home.

The moment your power supply is unstable, or the circuit breaker has been tripped, you are in for a cold night. To fix this, you could set your electric furnace on its own circuit to ensure it does not overload. Also, you could reset any breakers that have been tripped.

In more complex situations, you could call your electrician and have them examine your home’s electrical system to ensure that it is compatible with the energy needs of the electric furnace.

The third problem you should watch out for if your electric furnace is emitting cold air is its air filters. As explained earlier, the air filter system is critical in ensuring that cold air is sucked inefficiently as hot air is pushed out.

With the filters constantly interacting with debris and dust, they can inevitably be clogged and restrict airflow. As a result, the electric furnace finds it difficult to emit cold air. Therefore, at this point, checking whether you have dirty filters is necessary to mitigate this problem effectively.

The fourth reason your electric furnace is blowing cold air is its heating element malfunctioning. This system is the core of all activities the electric furnace is expected to perform. Wear and tear issues are possible and may cause some, if not all, of the elements of the heating system to fail.

As a result, your electric furnace will be unable to generate the heated air it is supposed to. This problem, however, is too complex for the simple patchwork you imagine you can perform. It is highly advisable that you contact a professional and let them fix the issue.

This will prevent any accidents or injuries that may lead to even higher costs and discomfort and let uou enjoy the services of your electric furnace.

Finally, your blower motor and fan may be compromised if your electric furnace is emitting cold air. The fan could be obstructed by objects, or the motor could be malfunctioning.

In other situations, the bearings and belts in the system may be worn out and unable to achieve the smooth running needed to blow hot air in your house.

This problem also requires a professional technician who will make the relevant changes to ensure you are back in that comfort zone in your home.

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Quick Checks and Maintenance Strategies.

Calling a professional to fix your electric furnace should be on your list of priorities. However, rather than spend all that money on something you could have prevented, we offer the following strategies. First, you should always keep an eye on the thermostat.

Whether programmable or has a manual system, you can ensure its configuration aligns with your needs. Second, you can always clean or replace the air filters. Check your manual to understand where the air filters are, ensure your electric furnace is turned off and then remove them.

You can clean it if reusable or buy a new one altogether. Doing this every thirty to ninety days will prevent you from having a headache when your air filter malfunctions.

Finally, if your electric furnace has constant problems, be sure to call a professional HVAC technician who will ensure you remain comfortable in your home. While this may feel like an expensive venture, it is worth the time and energy you save trying to figure out how to fix your electric furnace when it is blowing cold air.

In conclusion, you always make informed decisions when it comes to devices that are making your life better. Consider the technical details in this article and contact your maintenance guy to ensure your choices are right.